LASIK Alternatives

by: Advanced Laser | February 27, 2017

alcok lasik alternativesThere are many treatment options available to improve vision health, including laser eye surgeries. Because not all vision problems affect patients and their lives in the same way, a diverse set of vision correction technologies are required so your laser eye surgery specialist can customize treatment pending your unique profile. For people who are not

Laser Vision Correction Procedures

by: Advanced Laser | September 16, 2016

Laser Vision Correction OptionsAt the Advanced Laser and Cataract Center of Oklahoma, we offer a wide range of vision correction options at our Oklahoma City location. While many rely on glasses or contact lenses for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, laser vision correction is one of our primary specialties, and we provide a number of alternatives in addition

Non-surgical Glaucoma Treatment: Eye Drops

by: Advanced Laser | August 4, 2016

A patient receiving glaucoma eye drops

Glaucoma is one of the most diabolical of all diseases. At its onset, when it is most treatable, it produces few if any notable symptoms. Then, in its later stages when it does produce symptoms, irreparable damage has usually already occurred to the patient’s optic nerve, affecting his or her vision permanently. Unfortunately, there is

Why Routine Eye Exams Are Important

by: Advanced Laser | July 6, 2016

Alcok_Why_Routine_Eye_Exams_Are_ImportantRoutine eye exams are one of the most important tools your eye doctor has for keeping tabs on your vision health, and providing you with the best eye care possible. It’s also the perfect opportunity for your eye doctor to catch any issue with your eye health at an earlier stage, and address them before

Getting LASIK Eye Surgery Just in Time for Baseball Season

by: Advanced Laser | April 13, 2016

The grass is cut, the gloves are popping, and baseball diamonds everywhere are springing back to life after their winter slumber. If vision problems are keeping you from enjoying your favorite team on the field, now is the time to learn more about LASIK.

Baseball is a game of angles and speed, where split-second reactions

What is the Success Rate of PRK Surgery?

by: Advanced Laser | August 21, 2015

PRK surgeryThe team at Advanced Laser Center of Oklahoma is pleased to provide answers and info to all patients. This focus on education and information is what makes us one of the leading laser eye surgery centers in the Oklahoma City area.

We have received a number of questions lately about PRK, a highly effective laser