"Thanks to Eagle Vision and Dr. B., I now can see the fairway again! Not that my ball landed there… but I can see it! I can’t thank Advanced Laser Center enough for restoring my sight to better than 20/20! Dr. Belardo is simply the best!"-Lump "Thanks to Dr. B, I am the first member of the permanent eagle hall of fame. Thanks for taking care of me and my wife Tracy".

- Mike Steely and Lump from the Sports Animal

"Thanks for helping with my career and my sight. You are the MAN!"

- Eduardo Najera former Sooner and current New Jersey Net

"I’ve worn glasses for 12 years not because I want to but because I had the old age eye degeneration! I called it the prehistoric eye problem! I’m also very vain so I had glasses everywhere. My right arm had a muscle in it from taking them on and off so many times per day. Then I came in to Dr. Belardo office (By the way the staff is the best ever) and in approximately 3 minutes (time of actual surgery) I could see almost 20/20 the next day I could see exactly 20/20. Isn’t it great that the hands of time can be turned back even for the eyes! I would recommend the CK surgery for everyone!"

- Donna Ragdale

"I highly recommend the team at the Advanced Laser Center. I had always been afraid to have it done; however the guys at the center invited me in to watch a few procedures. Once I saw how easy it was, I decided to take the leap. Today I am 20/15 and have the guys to thank for that every morning when I wake up. Thanks guys and Dr. B"

- Dave Ortloff – KFOR

"With my vision being my work, it was important for me to have good vision. But I had no idea that it could be this good. Thanks to the team at Advanced Laser Center I have great vision. My only regret is that I waited so long to do it."

- Donny Ho – Blue Diamond Studios

"After my experience at Advanced Laser Center, I can firmly say that I have and will refer everybody! It was like magic. I was very comfortable during the procedure and was treated wonderful by the entire staff. I saw 20/15 the next day and was driving and seeing things I haven’t with my contacts in. I would suggest this procedure for everyone!"

- Lisa Thompson

"Dr. Belardo, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you and your staff. I have always wanted to have LASIK done, but never figured to be able to afford it. Then I heard about your office. To be honest, I thought if you were only charging $699 per eye, you must have been working out of a garage or truck somewhere. Much to my surprise, your facilities were very nice. It’s very rare to find a staff that treats patients as wonderful as yours. Dr. Goodman, Donna, Jack, Mike, Sean, and Misty and yourself treated both my wife and I like we were important. I’m not sure what I was more impressed with, going from 20/60 vision before to 20/20 immediately after LASIK, or how well your staff took care of me and my family. Thanks for making quality LASIK surgery affordable for all. You are your staff are the best."

- Andy Patterson

"Thanks Dr. B! I came all the way from L.A. to OKC because I heard you were the best! Now I know….and I can see to Lay the Smack Down!"

- Eve Torres WWE Diva

"Dr. B, thanks for all your help with my surgery and my wife’s surgery. I had the best statistical year of passing and offense after you performed my surgery. I did not have to deal with contacts and I felt like I could see the field better than I ever have before."

- Craig Strickland former Quarterback OKC Yard Dawgz

"I am impressed by the services that Advanced Laser Center offer, my LASIK procedure was so quick and easy….your staff made me feel so comfortable throughout the process. Thank you so much Dr. B!"

- Frank Hummel

"My vision is so much better than I ever thought it could be. Thank you Dr. Belardo and I have referred all my friends."

- Lloyd Weir

"You and your entire staff have done an absolutely incredible job in dealing with an old picky character like me. I finally have my perfect vision back and it was accomplished in the most professional and courteous manner possible. My best always to you and your staff!! You are the Best!"

- George Shinn owner New Orleans Hornets

"Dr. Belardo, thanks for taking care of my family. My brother and my dad were so impressed with your staff. Maybe someday I will work up the nerve to have surgery."

- Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets

"Dr. Belardo and Advanced Laser Center Staff, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I wanted to send a quick note to let you know it as been two weeks since my LASIK procedure and I am amazed at the results. I can’t say enough about this wonderful procedure and the way I was treated at your clinic. I was nervous about having the surgery but I felt well cared for and the procedure was so easy. I couldn’t believe it went so fast. It is amazing to be able to see without being dependent on lenses and it is a whole new life. My wife and I went to a movie last night and I still catch myself in shock that I can actually see without lenses!! Thank you again for what you have done to improve my life. My 1-week post-op check-up showed that I was already at 20/20 with no complications."

- Dr. Chris Waddell D.C.

"Thanks for all your help. It is so much easier to ride when dirt does not get behind my contacts!"

- Kristin Killion Miss Rodeo Oklahoma 2004

"You and your team are true professionals. Thanks so much for your help. I can see better up close and at a distance than I ever imagined."

- Merv Johnson Sooner commentator and former Sooner coach

"My wife and son have been so excited about their results. Thanks for all you did for them and how great your staff treated my family!"

- Head Coach Byron Scott New Orleans Hornets

"I was soooo scared at first, but you made me feel comfortable and relaxed during the surgery. The next day, I told all my friends that I wished I would have made the decision sooner."

- Cam Edwards former DJ KTOK

"My wife was so excited about her results. You guys are awesome. You should come storm chase with me sometime!"

- David Payne Meteorologist Oklahoma’s News Channel 4

"My day and night vision keep getting better. Now I can see the ball coming!!"

- D’Juan Woods former Oklahoma State Cowboy

"My brother’s results were so good, I had to give it a try. Thanks for all your help. Now I can see to train for my NFL career."

- Donovan Woods former Oklahoma State Cowboy

"Now I can see to put the puck in the back of the net! Thanks Dr. B."

- Doug Sheppard former Oklahoma City Blazer