Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why should I choose Advanced Laser Center?

The main reason to choose Advanced Laser Center is our surgeon. Dr. Belardo was able to perform LASIK on the first day LASIK was available in the state Oklahoma in 1996. He is a board certified, fellowship trained corneal specialist who has performed over 40,000 vision correction surgeries. Dr. Belardo lives and works here in Oklahoma and will be here to take care of you after your surgery.

The next reason to choose Advanced Laser Center is affordability. (For pricing please scroll down to how much does LASIK cost question on FAQ page) We offer the most advanced technology at the most affordable prices in Oklahoma. We are upfront with our pricing. The price you get quoted on the phone is the same as the price when you come into the office. While many centers will play shadow games and use car sale tactics to get you to buy LASIK, we don’t use any high pressure sales tactics. Our staff are NOT on commission and you can feel the difference when you visit our center. We never change the price based on your prescription, so if you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism the price is the same. If you qualify for LASIK, you qualify for the affordable pricing.

The best reason, just ask your friends. Almost all of our business is referrals from happy patients who enjoyed their experience in our office and have incredible results from surgery with Advanced Laser Center.

Q What About All Laser LASIK?

Traditional LASIK is a very good procedure. While the risk of complication is very minimal, all surgery carries some degree of risk. Now, an advanced computer-controlled laser technology is available that significantly reduces the risk of complications. It is known as All Laser LASIK.  This procedure is uniquely safe, uniquely precise, and offers patients predictably better visual results. Advanced  technology has given many patients more confidence when considering laser vision correction. Surgeons frequently recommend All Laser LASIK because it provides micron-level accuracy and significantly reduces the possibility of risk and unpredictable outcomes.

Q How Much Does LASIK Cost?

The best way to understand the cost of LASIK Eye Surgery is to schedule a complimentary evaluation. Advanced Laser offers flexible financing options.

Q How long has your surgeon been performing LASIK?

It was during his ophthalmology residency at Columbia University that Dr. Belardo worked with the inventor of the Excimer Laser, who influenced his decision to pursue a corneal fellowship. Dr. Belardo started performing refractive surgery in 1991, when he started his corneal fellowship, which was part of the original F.D.A Excimer refractive laser study. Dr. Belardo is one of the most experienced surgeons in the state; he is also one of the few corneal specialists in State of Oklahoma. Dr. Belardo continues to stay on the cutting edge of refractive surgery offering the latest in technological advancements.