Our Practice

The vision of Advanced Laser Center is to make laser eye surgery affordable for the working men and women throughout Oklahoma for our prices visit the FAQ section of this website. Advanced Laser Center’s goal is to give Oklahoman’s affordable access to clear eye sight through our laser vision correction services. LASIK is one of the most popular surgical procedures in the world and the deterrent for many has been the price. Advanced Laser Center offers this great procedure in a state of the art surgical facility. We offer great price with a fellowship trained, board certified, corneal specialist surgeon who lives in Oklahoma available to all of his patients whenever needed. At Advanced Laser Center we specialize in LASIK plus we offer great service and an incredible staff of trained professionals.

Advanced Laser Center was founded on the preface of making each patient come first. We take great pride in knowing that people aren’t just a number in the process. Each member or the staff takes pride in their job and it shows because at our eye care center we focus on service and give our patients the TLC (tender loving care) they deserve. Many people have had great experiences with us and we know you will too. Come by and visit us. Our doors are always open to the public. Our expert LASIK surgery doctors can help you regain clear vision, and our institute specializes in helping people have better vision. Let our staff provide you the quality care and TLC (tender loving care) you deserve while you achieve the clear sight you have always wanted.