LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK Oklahoma City Do you ever tire of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses in order to see clearly? You may have considered LASIK, but are hesitant to undergo a surgical procedure. Advanced Laser Center offers bladeless LASIK eye surgery for vision correction at our Oklahoma City practice. The procedure is quick, simple, and proven to be effective.

Our goal is for all patients to achieve their optical goals, and feel good during the process. Clear vision is very important to one’s overall well-being and happiness. We will address any questions or concerns you have while you are considering the procedure, as well as while you are preparing for LASIK. We want to equip you with all of the necessary information, so you can decide whether LASIK is right for you. To learn more about bladeless LASIK, including the cost of LASIK, contact our Oklahoma City eye center today.

The LASIK Procedure

The LASIK procedure is fast, lasting approximately 15 minutes from start to finish, and is completed as follows:

  • The patient is given local anesthesia.
  • Using a laser, a thin flap is created on the cornea.
  • The flap is folded open and an excimer laser is used to reshape the inner cornea, thus correcting vision.
  • The flap is then returned to its original position and sealed, without the need for stitches.

LASIK Technology at Advanced Laser & Cataract Center 

Advanced Laser & Cataract Center utilizes state-of-the-art technology to offer you highly advanced LASIK laser eye surgery in Oklahoma City. Our LASIK surgeon performs laser eye surgery with the WaveLight Refractive Suite, which includes the FS200 Femtosecond Laser and the EX500 Excimer Laser. The FS200 is the fastest femtosecond laser available and is used to create the corneal flap in just six seconds, with efficiency that increases patient safety. The EX500 Excimer Laser utilizes Wavefront Optimized and Wavefront-Guided treatment to reshape the cornea and provide fully customized vision correction. This system integrates advanced laser technology to optimize your LASIK results.

Candidates for LASIK

Our eye care specialist will first meet with you for an evaluation to determine whether you are a good candidate for LASIK. Ideal candidates include anyone who is over the age of 18 with:

  • Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism
  • A stable eye prescription for a minimum of two years
  • Thick enough cornea for safe flap creation
  • Relatively healthy eyes, free from any serious medical conditions
  • A desire to have clear vision without the help of contact lenses or eyeglasses
  • No scarring of the cornea or dry eyes
  • Sufficient information regarding risks and other side effects of the treatment

Benefits of LASIK

There are a number of benefits of LASIK, including:

  • Achieve virtually perfect vision without corrective eye wear
  • No longer hassle with contacts that become dry, sticky, or uncomfortable after being worn for a long period of time
  • No longer worry about losing or breaking eyeglasses or tearing contact lenses
  • Eyeglasses can restrict peripheral vision
  • Enhance appearance – look like yourself any time of the day or night
  • Procedure is quick – completed within 15 minutes
  • Laser technology is safe, precise, efficient,  and approved by the FDA
  • Relatively speedy recovery period
  • Bladeless LASIK alleviates the fear many have of surgery
  • Little to no discomfort during and after procedure
  • Stitches or bandages are not necessary

Risks or Side Effects of LASIK

As with all surgeries, there is some risk associated with LASIK eye surgery. These risks include over correction, under correction, infection, or night vision issues, which are all rare occurrences. Patients may experience side effects such as dry eyes after the procedure, which can be resolved with prescription eye drops. During your evaluation, Dr. Belardo will give you all pertinent information, and will make sure any questions you have are answered.

Learn More about LASIK

If you dream of having better vision without the hassle of contact lenses or eyeglasses, LASIK eye surgery is an exceptional solution. With the advanced laser technology available today, the process is quicker, easier, and more efficient than ever. To learn more about LASIK, or to schedule an evaluation, contact our Oklahoma City laser eye surgery center today.