20% LASIK Discount for Military Members in Oklahoma*

At the Advanced Laser & Cataract Center of Oklahoma, we have a deep appreciation for the service of our U.S. military members. To show our gratitude, we offer a 20% discount on LASIK laser vision correction surgery for active military members, military veterans, and their dependents.

Benefits of LASIK for Military Members

If you are a member of our military, you deserve the best vision possible. There are several benefits to reducing or eliminating your dependence on glasses or contact lenses with LASIK. Our experienced LASIK surgeons offer bladeless, all-laser LASIK that typically takes less than 15 minutes to complete and requires minimal downtime. LASIK may reduce the risk involved with properly caring for contact lenses while on duty or the hassles of dealing with glasses in active situations.

Learn More About LASIK

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  • In addition to our special discount for military members, we also offer financing for qualified patients to cover the cost of vision correction. Learn more about paying for LASIK.
  • Want more details about LASIK? Check our Frequently Asked Questions About LASIK
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*Restrictions may apply. Patients will need to show proof of service. Contact us for full details.