Laser Eye Surgery FAQs

What is laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery uses an excimer laser to gently reshape the cornea to correct common visual problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The goal of LASIK is to reduce your dependency on eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.

Is LASIK eye surgery right for me?

Laser eye surgery is a good vision correction option for individuals looking to reduce their dependency of eye glasses and/or contact lenses.  Overall, patients must be 18 years or older, in good overall health, have a steady vision prescription over the last 12 months. Patients with certain medical conditions and those who are pregnant, nursing, or have cataracts are not ideal candidates for LASIK.

How are PRK and LASIK different?

There are two main differences between LASIK and PRK.  During LASIK eye surgery, your surgeon creates a flap to access the cornea.  PRK does not create a flap; rather the thin layer of your cornea is removed. The second difference is recovery time. PRK has a slightly longer recovery time since your eye needs to naturally rebuild the thin layer of your cornea that was removed.

Is LASIK eye surgery safe?

The risk of vision complications with laser eye surgery is very rare, less than 1% overall. Speak with a LASIK specialist about any concerns or questions you have regarding the procedure, success rates, side effects and complications.

Is LASIK performed on both of my eyes the same day?

Yes, laser eye surgery can be performed on both eyes during the same procedure.

Does laser eye surgery hurt?

Most patients are pleased with how comfortable the procedure is. Before the procedure begins, anesthetic drops are used to fully numb the eye. During the laser eye surgery procedure, you may experience light pressure around the eye. Post procedure, your eyes may feel slightly irritated. You will be prescribed eye drops to use post procedure.

How long does the procedure take?

LASIK eye surgery is a quick procedure and takes approximately 15 minutes from start to finish.

What are the side effects or risks of laser eye surgery?

LASIK is a medical procedure and there are risks associated with it. Temporary side effects from laser eye surgery may include sensitivity to light, dry eyes, or halos at night.  You will be advised to wear sunglasses post procedure when outdoors to protect your eyes. Individual results may vary and there could be additional risks with laser eye surgery depending on your medical history and overall eye health.