Patient Information: About Astigmatism

by: Advanced Laser | May 6, 2013

Astigmatism Symptoms, Causes, and TreatmentsAstigmatism is a vision problem that you’ve likely heard of before, but many people have misconceptions about what it is and how it can be treated. In fact, you may have even heard of it referred to as “stigmatism” rather than “astigmatism,” which is a common mistake.

The team at our Oklahoma City LASIK surgery center would like to take a few moments right now to look at what astigmatism is and let you know how it can be effectively treated. This should provide you with a better understanding of the basics of your vision.

What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism refers to a blurriness of vision caused by the eye’s inability to properly focus on an object. Astigmatism often accompanies refractive errors like myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness).

What causes astigmatism to occur?

There are two different causes of astigmatism:

  • Irregular curvature/shape of the cornea
  • Irregular curvature/shape of the lens of the eye

When you stop by our Oklahoma City laser eye care center for a consultation, we will determine which kind of astigmatism you have. The type of astigmatism will determine the best option for treatment as well as the most ideal alternative treatments.

What are the symptoms of astigmatism?

Some of the most common symptoms of astigmatism include:

  • Double vision
  • Difficulty reading
  • Blurriness of small print
  • Issues with near and distance vision
  • Eye strain
  • Eye fatigue
  • Headaches

What treatments are available for astigmatism?

There are numerous treatments available for astigmatism depending on the type of astigmatism you suffer from. If you have astigmatism related to corneal curvature, the best option for treatment to consider is Oklahoma City bladeless LASIK or another refractive surgery treatment. For astigmatism caused by lens curvature, the use of an intraocular lens implants might be the best option.

We should also note that the use of prescription contact lenses and eye glasses can treat both of these kinds of astigmatism quite effectively.

Which treatment option is right for me?

This really depends on a number of factors, including the severity of the astigmatism, your current eye health and general health, and other circumstances such as cost and viability for the patient’s lifestyle.

For instance, some patients may have issues with corneal thinness that make them poor candidates for LASIK. In such matters, PRK (another refractive surgery procedure) may prove effective as an alternative. Similarly, some patients may not be ideal candidates for intraocular lens implants, which means an alternative therapy will need to be considered.

Weighing All of Your Eye Care Options

Thankfully for patients, there are plenty of ways that astigmatism can be effectively treated, so if one avenue of care is shut down, others will still exist. We will be sure to go over all of your options for treatment during the consultation process and will give you all of the information that you need to make an informed and empowered decision about your vision.

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