Oklahoma City Eye Surgeon John Belardo Announces Addition of Laser Cataract Surgery

by: Advanced Laser | March 14, 2014

Older man and woman snuggling on the beachFor years, Dr. John Belardo has been using the most advanced laser technology to perform LASIK and PRK at his Oklahoma City eye care practice, Advanced Laser and Cataract Center. Now, he is pleased to announce that he is adding bladeless cataract surgery to his repertoire of laser procedures.

Using a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser, Dr. Belardo is able to remove cataracts without the need for a surgical blade. In the conventional form of the procedure, a blade is used to make incisions in the eye through which the cataract – the clouded natural lens – is removed. Vision is restored through the placement of an artificial intraocular lens, or IOL.

Although conventional cataract surgery is extremely safe and effective, bladeless cataract surgery offers a number of unique advantages over its more traditional counterpart:

  • The femtosecond laser is capable of making more precise incisions at a perfectly even depth, allowing for more accurate placement of the IOL and an increased chance that the patient will emerge with excellent unaided vision.
  • Bladeless cataract surgery allows for the preservation of corneal endothelial cells, which are essential to the clarity of the cornea. In conventional cataract surgery, some damage to these cells is to be expected. The laser used in bladeless cataract surgery, however, leaves these cells undisturbed.

“There’s no doubt that replacing the surgical blade with a laser is highly beneficial to cataract surgery patients,” says Dr. Belardo. “Any time a technology allows you to make a procedure safer, more efficient, and more precise, you’ve at least got to consider it. After I did a good amount of research, all the clinical evidence pointed to bladeless cataract surgery being an outstanding option for my patients. I’m excited.”

Currently, the only way to treat cataracts is to remove them. Without treatment, cataracts continue to worsen until sufferers see little more than a thick fog. Fortunately, once cataracts have been removed and IOLs have been placed, the vast majority of patients are able to see clearly again, and some actually achieve better-quality vision than they’ve had in decades. The use of a laser in cataract surgery dramatically improves the odds of experiencing this life-changing level of visual acuity.

“There is nothing more gratifying than restoring clear vision to someone who hasn’t had clear vision in ages,” adds Dr. Belardo. “In the case of bladeless cataract surgery, it really is like lifting a veil from their eyes. They have the potential to regain a lot of their confidence and independence, and I feel great because I know that I’m providing them with the best vehicle for achieving that level of confidence and independence.”

In addition to bladeless cataract surgery, Dr. Belardo performs bladeless LASIK surgery with the IntraLase® laser system. Other treatments available at Advanced Laser and Cataract Center include glaucoma treatment, Intacs®, and a full range of premium multifocal IOLs.

Further information about Dr. Belardo and bladeless cataract surgery can be obtained by visiting www.alcok.com or by contacting the practice at one of its three convenient office locations:

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