Obstacles to Undergoing LASIK

by: Advanced Laser | January 24, 2013

Oklahoma City LASIK ObstaclesAlthough the advantages of LASIK surgery have been widely reported, many patients who would make good candidates for the procedure do not undergo treatment. Instead, these patients continue to rely on glasses and contact lenses for the treatment of their refractive errors. While these visual aids are suitable and effective treatments for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, most patients admit they would prefer to reduce or eliminate their need for contact lenses and glasses. But still, these patients avoid permanent vision correction treatment such as LASIK. Why?

The three most common obstacles that prevent patients from undergoing LASIK surgery are the cost of treatment, fear of the surgery, and lack of education about the procedure. In this post, Oklahoma City eye doctor John Belardo addresses each of these obstacles so prospective patients can make a more informed decision about LASIK surgery.


The cost of LASIK deters a significant number of potential patients from undergoing treatment. At Advanced Laser and Cataract Center Oklahoma, we offer two LASIK pricing plans. The least expensive option is $999 per eye, and includes LASIK with the blade microkeratome. The $1,299 option includes LASIK with the Intralase® laser and one free enhancement procedure. We do not increase the cost of treatment based on the degree of your refractive error, the presence of astigmatism, or pupil size, as many other LASIK practices do.

Since many patients prefer to pay for the cost of treatment in smaller increments, we do accept LASIK financing. With a financing plan in place, patients can pay for the cost of LASIK over the course of several months, rather than in a lump sum, upfront.

Our Oklahoma City LASIK patients experience a reduction or complete elimination in their need for contact lenses and eyeglasses; this translates into significant yearly savings on the cost of these visual aids.


There is no doubt that many patients avoid LASIK due to fear of undergoing eye surgery. Patients may be afraid to undergo LASIK as a result of concerns regarding:

  • Pain during or after surgery
  • The creation of a surgical incision in the eye
  • The risk of complications
  • The possibility of experiencing worse vision after surgery

Dr. Belardo will make every effort to minimize your fears before, during, and after surgery. During surgery, numbing eye drops will be used to prevent pain, though patients may experience some pressure. After surgery, we recommend that patients take a nap; when they awaken, the eyes may feel a little irritated, but patients should not be in serious pain.

LASIK, like all surgeries, is associated with a risk of complications. However, Dr. Belardo’s skill and experience have resulted in a low rate of complications and high rate of success among our patients.


LASIK is a safe and effective surgery that has been performed on millions of patients. To learn more about LASIK surgery, including how the procedure is performed and who is a good candidate for treatment, we invite you to browse our website and blog.

To schedule a LASIK screening at Advanced Laser and Cataract Center Oklahoma, contact our practice today.