by: Advanced Laser | November 6, 2012

Oklahoma City LASIK RisksThese days, clear, crisp vision is easily obtainable. However, just because most doctors are offering the life-changing procedure, doesn’t mean that they know how to perform it well. At Advanced Laser & Cataract Center Oklahoma, our surgeon has spent years honing his surgical skills and training in the revolutionary techniques such as LASIK laser eye surgery. For our patients in Oklahoma City, LASIK risks are diminished by Dr. Belardo’s technical know-how and intuitive nature. Your eyesight is not something that can easily be replaced, so knowing that your desired surgeon has the ability to safely and effectively perform LASIK laser eye surgery is critical to the health of your eyes. If you are interested in LASIK, we encourage you to evaluate the potential risks associated with the procedure.

Risks of LASIK

There are some disadvantages to LASIK. Although serious, LASIK risks are extremely uncommon. Possible complications of the procedure include:

  • Risk of infection
  • Long-term loss of vision
  • Loss of vision quality
  • Permanent loss of corneal strength
  • Nerve damage
  • Once changes have been made to the cornea, they cannot be reversed
  • Developing glares, seeing halos, and dry eyes
  • Difficulty driving at night and focusing

Dr. Belardo uses the IntraLase® laser for our patients in Oklahoma City. Bladeless LASIK with the IntraLase® significantly reduces the possibility of developing complications. However, as with every surgery, there are some risks associated with the procedure. Consult your doctor if you notice a negative change in your vision after getting LASIK. It is important to have your surgery performed by a trustworthy, skilled surgeon because of the potential risk of damage to your vision.

Discussing LASIK Risks

Although there are very few serious LASIK complications, especially when treatment is performed by our extremely experienced surgeon, our team believes in informing patients about potential risks associated with the surgery. Prior to undergoing bladeless LASIK, Dr. Belardo will prepare you for what to expect before, during, and after receiving treatment. Additionally, he will spend ample time addressing concerns and answering questions that you may have. By thoroughly educating his patients, Dr. Belardo is able to gain their trust, respect, and confidence.

When determining if LASIK is right for you, Dr. Belardo will examine the condition of your eyes and the quality of your vision, and examine your family and medical history. By performing a thorough analysis of current and past medical records, our team can better determine what, if any, side effects or complications may develop as a result of getting LASIK. Candidates for LASIK typically include anyone who is over the age of 18 who suffers from myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. Patients who have relatively healthy eyes, thick corneas, and a stable eye prescription may also be candidates for treatment.

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