LASIK Results and Success Rates

by: Advanced Laser | July 9, 2013

Oklahoma City LASIK ResultsThere is a reason that millions of people have undergone LASIK surgery, despite the fact that it has been widely available in the United States for less than 20 years. The overall success and satisfaction rates of the procedure are among the highest in all of medicine. It is an extremely safe procedure that has become only safer through the introduction of advanced technologies such as the IntraLase® system featured at the Advanced Laser & Cataract Center, which allows for an entirely bladeless LASIK procedure. Truly, LASIK represents one of the best investments people who are affected by nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism can make in themselves.

Of course, the effectiveness and safety of LASIK, not to mention the likelihood of achieving independence from glasses and contact lenses, depends heavily on the experience and skill of the eye surgeon performing the procedure. At our laser eye center in Oklahoma City, LASIK results of the highest standard are consistently achieved by Dr. John Belardo. He combines an exceptional education and training background with finely honed surgical skills, years of experience, and access to the most advanced technology to ensure the best possible outcomes for his patients.

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A History of Success

The ultimate goal of LASIK is to free patients from reliance on visual aids such as glasses and contact lenses. In general, LASIK has proven remarkably successful at reaching that goal, as more than 90 percent of patients that have undergone the procedure have achieved 20/40 or better vision. The satisfaction rate of patients in the United States is an astonishing 95 percent. The majority of LASIK patients achieve 20/20 or better vision, meaning that they are able to bid farewell to their glasses and contact lenses altogether. Most patients are able to drive, watch TV, and participate in sports and other activities without any visual aid whatsoever post-surgery.

Bear in mind that these impressive statistics include procedures performed by surgeons of varying levels of experience and skill. When performed by a surgeon with Dr. Belardo’s ability and reputation, the rates of success and satisfaction are even higher.

There are many factors that influence the success of LASIK, including:

  • The surgeon – Be sure to entrust your vision only to a board-certified corneal specialist with a history of consistent success, such as Dr. John Belardo.
  • The technology used – In addition to the IntraLase® system, our practice features the extraordinarily safe and precise NIDEK EC 5000 excimer laser and a variety of state-of-the-art devices used for corneal mapping and other measurements.
  • Proper screening of candidates – Perhaps most essential to excellent results in LASIK is the careful screening of potential candidates for the procedure. Dr. John Belardo performs a thorough evaluation of the eyes in order to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are given the approval for the procedure. If another procedure is better suited to a patient, Dr. Belardo will be open and honest in saying so.

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