LASIK Recovery Timeline

by: Advanced Laser | October 6, 2012

LASIK Recovery TimelineLASIK surgery has made a positive impact in the lives of many people, reducing or eliminating their dependence on corrective lenses (i.e., eyeglasses and contact lenses). But LASIK surgery is a process, and patients need to take the process seriously. Doing so will ensure proper healing. The team at our Oklahoma City LASIK center would like to take a moment right now to go over the basics of the LASIK surgery process. This will help you understand what to expect in the lead-up to surgery and the recovery period.

Preparing for LASIK

Careful preparation before LASIK surgery is a good way to reduce the possibility of complications down the road. After the consultation at our laser eye care center in Oklahoma City, we will ask that patients who are eligible for LASIK not wear their contact lenses for a few weeks prior to surgery. Contact lenses can alter the shape of the cornea, so we want to make sure that we properly correct the patient’s natural corneal shape. Not wearing contacts for a few weeks allows the corneas to rest in a natural shape.

We also ask that patients refrain from smoking or drinking a few weeks prior to their surgery as both can affect the healing process. It’s recommended that any prescriptions be filled in the week prior to the surgery so patients are prepared. Patients should arrange for transportation to and from the practice prior to surgery and have a loved one be with them for the first 48 hours to help around the home.

The Day of LASIK Surgery

On the day of the Oklahoma City bladeless LASIK surgery, patients will be asked to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Patients should not wear any make-up on the face, especially around the eyes. No creams or lotions around the eyes should be used either.

Recovering from LASIK – The First Few Days

In the first 24 hours after surgery, patients should get a lot of rest and avoid reading, watching television, using the computer, or engaging in any activities that may result in eye strain. Patients should also avoid any bright light situations since the eyes will be very sensitive. We recommend that patients wear sunglasses at all times in the first few days after surgery, especially if they are outdoors.

In the first 48 hours after surgery, patients should not take any showers. This will prevent water from entering the eyes and potential infection. The face can be washed delicately using a damp wash cloth. Patients should engage in no heavy lifting or strenuous physical for the first few weeks after surgery. There will be a follow-up visit a few days after surgery to monitor progress.

Recovering from LASIK – The Next Few Weeks

In the next few weeks of LASIK recovery, patients will slowly be able to return to normal activities. Showers can be taken again, light exercise can be performed, and makeup can be used around the eyes once more. Thanks to our use of advanced laser eye surgery technology, patients will experience a good recovery process. If you or a loved one notice any undue pain or discomfort, be sure to contact us right away so we can address the matter.

Recovering from LASIK – The Months Ahead

As the months after surgery go by, patients will experience improvements in their vision. This is part of your eyes adjusting to the corrected corneal shape. Sometimes surgical side effects such as dry eye will persist, though it is rare for such side effects to persist for more than a few months. Follow-up visits will be performed at regular intervals to monitor your healing progress, and as always we encourage patients to speak with our team about any concerns they notice.

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For more information about LASIK surgery and what to expect during the treatment process, we encourage you to contact our Oklahoma City eye care center today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible treatment.