LASIK Financing

by: Advanced Laser | February 6, 2013

LASIK FinancingLASIK surgery has become one of the most popular treatments for refractive errors. By getting the corneas safely reshaped with advanced laser technology, patients are able to see the world around them with greater clarity and eliminate their dependence on corrective lenses. Yet the team at our Oklahoma City LASIK center understands that the cost of LASIK can prove prohibitive for some patients. While it is relatively affordable, the price can put a financial burden on some households. It’s for that reason that there are LASIK financing options and payment plans available. We’d like to take a moment right now to look into these financing options so that you have a basic understanding about how they work.

What is LASIK financing?

LASIK financing essentially means breaking the total cost of LASIK into monthly payments. Think of it like taking out a loan for LASIK surgery, or paying a credit card set aside for LASIK surgery.

Is LASIK financing necessary?

LASIK financing is not necessary for everyone, but some patients do find that these monthly installments are helpful given their current financial needs. If you do not have cash available to pay for the LASIK procedure, then financing will make it possible to undergo Oklahoma City bladeless LASIK. By having a monthly payment structure, many patients find that this allows them to budget ahead and plan accordingly.

In the long run, patients may actually save if they undergo LASIK since they will no longer have to pay for new glasses, new contact lenses, or cleaning solutions. We encourage you to consider these price breakdowns as you decide whether or not LASIK is right for you or your loved one.

How does LASIK financing work?

LASIK financing plans are run through a trusted third-party lender. This third party will pay for the total cost of the procedure upfront, and the patient will then be held responsible for paying back this third party on time based on a given schedule. Since this works similar to credit cards, interest will be paid on the cost of the LASIK surgery.

Is LASIK financing right for me?

Just as not all people are ideal candidates for LASIK surgery, financing options for LASIK surgery may not be the best option for all people. With this in mind, there have been plenty of patients and households that have benefited positively from LASIK financing plans and monthly installments. In some cases, this was the only way that they were able to afford LASIK surgery.

During your consultation process with an Oklahoma City eye doctor, we will be sure to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns regarding LASIK financing. By getting all of the info you need, you’ll be able to determine if LASIK payment plans will be best for you and your household. We’ll also discuss various alternatives to financing options during this consultation so you know what options are available to you.

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