by: Advanced Laser | January 6, 2013

Oklahoma City LASIK CostsAt Advanced Laser and Cataract Center Oklahoma, a reputable Oklahoma City LASIK practice, we are committed to providing patients with quality eye care at reasonable prices. To help prospective patients determine if they can afford laser vision correction treatment, we disclose our pricing information and we won’t increase the cost of treatment if you have a higher refractive prescription or large pupils. This fair approach to pricing makes LASIK and PRK surgery affordable to most patients. Read on to learn more about the cost of LASIK, and what is included in our basic and enhancement pricing plans.

The Basic Plan

The basic plan includes a pre-surgical examination, traditional LASIK surgery with the microkeratome, and follow-up appointments for $999 per eye. This plan is a great option for patients that are seeking safe and effective treatment at a fair price.

The Enhancement Plan

At $1,299 per eye, the enhancement plan is more expensive than the basic plan, but it offers a few key advantages:

  • The Intralase® laser: For patients that qualify for LASIK surgery, the Intralase® laser can be used to create the corneal flap in the first step of the procedure. The laser is associated with far fewer flap complications than the microkeratome, the blade instrument that is used in the basic LASIK plan. The Intralase® laser is more accurate than the microkeratome, enabling our Oklahoma City bladeless LASIK surgeons to create flaps of the precise specifications required for each individual patient.
  • PRK surgery: Some patients may not be good candidates for LASIK surgery due to corneal problems, including thin corneas, scarred corneas, and disease corneas. These patients may be good candidates for PRK surgery. PRK treats the same conditions as LASIK, and produces comparable results. However, the technique used to access the inner corneal layers differs; in PRK, the epithelial layer is removed, while in LASIK, a corneal flap is created. Because the entire epithelial layer is removed during PRK surgery, it is associated with a longer and less comfortable healing period. However, after a couple of weeks have passed, PRK patients will experience similar visual results as LASIK patients.
  • Enhancement treatment: Patients that choose the $1,299 per eye plan get one free enhancement surgery in the future. Though the vast majority of our patients achieve great vision after LASIK and PRK, a small percentage may require additional correction to eliminate their dependency on eyeglasses. Other patients may notice that their nearsighted or farsighted vision worsens a few years after LASIK due to changes in the eye. These patients will benefit from an enhancement treatment to further refine vision.

The enhancement plan also includes a pre-operative exam, the actual surgery, and follow-up visits. The price increase from the basic to enhancement plan is due to use of more advanced technology during LASIK, the use of PRK instead of LASIK, and the addition of one free enhancement treatment.

To find out if you are an appropriate candidate for LASIK or PRK eye surgery, schedule a consultation at Advanced Laser and Cataract Center Oklahoma.