How Long Do LASIK Results Last?

by: Advanced Laser | February 20, 2014

Oklahoma City LASIK ResultsAre you tired of waking up with blurry or distorted vision? Do you wish you could roll out of bed in the morning and see the world around you with great clarity? If you have already answered “yes” to these questions and have been considering LASIK surgery, you may be interested in learning more about the procedure.

One of the most common inquiries includes the longevity of LASIK’s results. In this blog post, Oklahoma City eye doctor John Belardo reviews the longevity of LASIK results.

Is LASIK Permanent?

LASIK is a surgical procedure that utilizes lasers, and sometimes blades, to reshape your cornea. The cornea is the portion of your eye that refracts light. This light is translated by inner workings of your eyes and your brain into the images you see. Unlike glasses and contacts, which offer a temporary solution to your eyesight, LASIK is permanent. Your surgeon will permanently reshape your cornea. As long as that reshaping remains in place and your eyes remain in good health, your LASIK results will last forever.

What Factors Might Affect the Long-Term Benefits?

While it is highly probably you will be free of contacts and glasses for the rest of your life, certain factors may affect the long-term benefits of your LASIK. Keep in mind, minor changes may change your visual clarity, but touch-ups and corrective treatment of other problems will often allow your surgery to continue yielding wonderful vision. Consider possible factors that might shorten the life of your LASIK results:

  • Your eyes will continue to age after LASIK, which may result in diminishing eyesight – this is a naturally occurring process that happens whether or not you choose LASIK
  • Certain medical conditions may cause vision problems – diabetes, for instance, may result in diabetic retinopathy, which can lead to vision deterioration
  • Some medications can affect your vision
  • Skipping your eye doctor visits is the most significant factor – by showing up every time, your doctor can catch and treat problems early, to preserve the results of your LASIK

Choosing a Trusted LASIK Surgeon

Choosing a highly experienced LASIK surgeon is essential in attaining results that last as long as you desire. For example, young patients whose eyes are still developing may wish to wait until they are a few years older to undergo LASIK. However, a skilled, experienced LASIK surgeon may overcorrect to provide sufficient improvement. A surgeon who has performed many surgeries and who is highly trained will be able to discuss your potential results and benefits. In addition, with great training and experience comes a greatly reduced chance of complications. Put in a little extra research time to find a surgeon that comes with referrals, an impressive portfolio, and a kind, patient-oriented focus, to ensure you receive the results you deserve.

Contact a LASIK Surgeon

If you are looking for a long-term solution to improved vision, LASIK can often last a lifetime. To learn more about the how LASIK’s benefits may work for you, contact a skilled, highly-trained LASIK surgeon, such as John Belardo, to set up a consultation.