Glaucoma Laser Surgery

by: Advanced Laser | August 20, 2012

Oklahoma City Glaucoma Laser SurgeryOver the past two decades, lasers have revolutionized virtually every aspect of ophthalmology, including the treatment and management of glaucoma. Oklahoma City eye doctor John Belardo offers a number of services to help glaucoma patients manage the insidious ocular disease, helping them to preserve their precious vision through advanced therapies. While the preference is to manage the disease medically whenever (and for as long as) possible, in more advanced cases, surgery may become necessary. At our vision correction practice in Oklahoma City, glaucoma laser surgery can be performed to improve the drainage of fluids that build up in the eye.

If you suffer from glaucoma, we urge you to contact Advanced Laser & Cataract Center Oklahoma today for further information about how laser surgery can assist you in preserving your vision and managing your glaucoma. If you have not been diagnosed with glaucoma but have a family history of the disease or have not had a comprehensive eye exam in years, we also encourage you to contact our practice. In its earliest stages, when it is most easily managed, glaucoma presents few to no symptoms. Regular eye exams can mean the difference between maintaining good vision for a lifetime and losing your vision to glaucoma or another eye disease.

The Role of Lasers in Glaucoma Surgery

The most common form of laser glaucoma surgery is laser trabeculoplasty. Laser trabeculoplasty is generally safer and more reliable than more traditional forms of glaucoma surgery due to the precision of the laser used to perform the procedure. The premise of the procedure is simple: the laser is used to widen the holes in the meshwork of the inner eye. This allows the fluid within the eye to drain more easily, thereby reducing the pressure on the eye.

Benefits of Laser Glaucoma Treatment

Laser glaucoma surgery can be used as a secondary course of therapy to augment a medication regimen or as a primary therapy. Between 75 and 90 percent of patients who undergo laser trabeculoplasty experience lowered eye pressure as a result of the treatment, making it one of the most successful surgeries in the history of glaucoma treatment. While the procedure cannot reverse any damage already caused by glaucoma, it has proven extremely effective in helping patients maintain the quality of their vision.

The surgery, itself, is relatively pain free; in fact, most patients suffer no degree of discomfort. Post-surgical soreness or inflammation may occur; however, these can be controlled with eye drops. While patients should be driven home from the procedure, most are able to resume their normal activities the very next day.

When you meet with Dr. Belardo at his office in Oklahoma City, glaucoma treatment will be explained to you in great detail, including any risks associated with the procedure and alternatives to laser surgery. Dr. Belardo will happily answer any questions you might have and make sure that you feel comfortable with and confident in whatever decisions you make regarding your course of treatment.

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