Foods That Are Good for the Eyes: Improving Vision Through Your Diet

by: Advanced Laser | October 21, 2014

A woman's eyes up closeThe team at Advanced Laser Center of Oklahoma agrees: great vision means more than just laser eye surgery. While LASIK and corrective lenses are good fixes for refractive errors, the keys to good eye care are experienced vision specialists and smart lifestyle choices.

With the latter in mind, we would like to consider how your diet can improve your vision and overall eye health.

Can Diet Really Enhance My Eyesight?

Foods are often an overlooked factor in improving eyesight. However, there are a number of foods that are good for the eyes and can help you maintain overall health. Foods that are high in vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc, among other vitamins and minerals, are especially good for your eyes.

Here are some specific foods that you can try to improve the overall health of your eyes.

Leafy Greens

Leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale, are particularly good for the eyes. To get the best results, look to incorporate at least 10 ounces of spinach or kale into your diet. Other leafy vegetables you can look to incorporate are collard greens and broccoli.

Fruits and Vegatables for Vitamin C

Good sources of vitamin C include grapefruit, strawberries, and even Brussels sprouts. Typically, you’ll only need to incorporate about a handful of any of these foods to get enough vitamin C to maintain healthy eyes.

Nuts and Seeds for Vitamin E

Look to incorporate more nuts into your diet to promote healthy eyes. Nuts that are particularly high in vitamin E include sunflower seeds, almonds, and pecans. To get the benefits of vitamin E, you can also look to use vegetable oils in your cooking.

Healthy Options for Zinc

Your run-of-the-mill turkey sandwich would be a great source of zinc, which is a great mineral to promote healthy eyes. Other sources of zinc include crab and oysters. However, these ingredients can be pricey, so keep that in mind as you are planning for foods that are good for the eyes.

Fish and Healthy Fats

Many types of fish are great for promoting healthy eyes. Specifically, salmon and sardines are packed full of good omega-3s that are great for overall eye health. To get these omega-3s into your system, you can also look into flounder, halibut, and tuna, depending on your budget and your pallet.

Carrots and Other Sources for Vitamin A

As the old adage suggests, carrots are also a great source of vitamin A. Additionally, foods such as pumpkin and sweet potato not only promote overall eye health, but can also prevent night blindness.

Additional Things to Consider About Your Diet

If you have dietary restrictions that may preclude you from these foods that are good for the eyes, there are plenty of supplements you can consider to get the essential vitamins and minerals for healthy eyes. For more information on which supplements would be best for you, consult your doctor or visit you local vitamin shop and speak to an expert.

However, even with the help of supplements, it may be difficult to get the same nutritional benefits for your eyes that you would get from the foods above. The above options should give people with all sorts of dietary restrictions the ability to improve and maintain the health of their eyes.

Learn More About Improving Your Eyesight and Vision Health

To learn more about what foods and dietary supplements might be good for you as well as your many options for advanced eye surgery treatments, be sure to contact our eye care and vision correction specialists today. The entire team at Advanced Laser Center of Oklahoma looks forward to your visit and helping you see clearly for years to come.