Can People with Eye Allergies Undergo LASIK Surgery?

by: Advanced Laser | May 21, 2015

A case of irritated red eyeEye allergies refer to various issues people notice with their eyes when they suffer from an allergy attack. These are things that often accompany runny noses and sneezing, and will occur any time there’s pollen, smoke, dust, or other kinds of irritating particulate matter in the air.

The team here at Advanced Laser Center have received a number of questions from patients in and around Oklahoma City regarding eye allergies and how they may affect LASIK eye surgery and laser vision correction procedures. Let’s take a moment to consider these matters right now.

What are common signs of an eye allergy?

Common occurrences when someone has an eye allergy include:

  • Red eye
  • Dry eye
  • Watery eyes
  • Itchiness around the eyes

Will eye allergies affect candidacy for LASIK?


Millions of Americans suffer from eye allergies and are still able to undergo LASIK. That said, people with eye allergies may experience more irritation and discomfort as they heal from LASIK should they suffer an eye allergy issue.

Eye Allergies with Contacts vs. Eye Allergies with LASIK

Patients with eye allergies who also wore contacts prior to LASIK tend to report good results and less irritation during eye allergy attacks after healing is completed.

When a person is wearing contacts during an eye allergy attack, it is possible for the particulate matter to become stuck on the contact lens or under the contact lens, requiring additional time for tears to flush the irritant out. This is just one more reason why many people are interested in LASIK surgery.

Eye Allergies vs. Dry Eye Syndrome

Keep in mind that eye allergies and dry eye syndrome are two separate issues entirely.

Eye allergies refer to the issues noted above, which includes temporary issues with dry eye. Dry eye syndrome, by contrast, refers to cases in which people suffer from a general lack of tear production.

People who suffer from dry eye syndrome will not be able to undergo LASIK since it may increase the chances of chronic dry eye occurring. This is simply a common sense precaution to prevent undue discomfort for a patient.

Tips for LASIK Patients Who Suffer from Eye Allergies

If you do experience eye allergies and undergo LASIK, there are a few tips to consider to prevent major discomfort as you heal:

  • Follow Pre-op and Post-op Instructions to the Letter – Pre-op and post-op instructions are provided so patients can prevent complications and reduce the duration and severity of side effects. Follow these closely for a good healing experience.
  • Avoid Places That Are Dry, Dusty, Smoky, Arid, or Full of Allergens – A great way to avoid issues with eye allergies is to avoid places and situations that are likely to trigger allergic reactions.
  • Carry Liquid Tears with You at All Times – Eye drops are key for helping relieving dry eye and irritated eyes. Carry them with you as you heal from LASIK to address cases of discomfort.

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