Benefits and Disadvantages of Common Refractive Treatments

by: Advanced Laser | October 18, 2013

Oklahoma City Glasses, Contacts, LASIK At Advanced Laser and Cataract Center, we are committed to helping each patient find the treatment option that best suits their needs. That is why Oklahoma City eye doctor John Belardo offers a wide range of treatments to our patients, including glasses, contact lenses, and LASIK surgery. In this blog post, we review the benefits and disadvantages of these treatment options.

Benefits of Each Treatment

For our patients in Oklahoma City, glasses, contact lenses, and LASIK surgery each offer their own unique advantages; here is an overview of the benefits of each treatment to help you in making a decision regarding the treatment that is right for you.


  • Lowest cost option; although custom lenses and frames may cost up to $200 to $300, they can last a lifetime, as long as the patient’s prescription does not change and the glasses do not get lost or damaged
  • Frames come in a variety of styles and colors
  • Are easy to wear and indicated for all ages, including children and seniors
  • Less likely to increase the patient’s risk of an eye infection since they do not require actual contact with the eye itself
  • Excellent availability
  • Offer some protection against debris, which can get in the eyes and cause injury

Contact Lenses

  • Don’t detract from your appearance or hide the eyes
  • Low cost; each contact lens order is affordable for patients, though their costs will add up over time
  • Offer improved vision when compared to eyeglasses since contact lenses are placed directly in the eye


  • Permanently minimizes or eliminates a patient’s need for contact lenses and glasses
  • Patients no longer need to purchase replacement glasses, contact lenses, or cleaning solutions
  • Saves time each morning and night because contact lenses are no longer used
  • Patients can see clearly at all times
  • The procedure is safe and effective
  • Immediate results

Disadvantages of Each Treatment

Along with their benefits, glasses, contact lenses, and LASIK are associated with some disadvantages; here is an overview of the downsides of each treatment type:


  • Are commonly misplaced or lost
  • Often break due to a person sitting or stepping on them
  • Require adjustments
  • Lenses become dirty and require cleaning every few hours
  • Become fogged up in steamy conditions
  • Are not ideal for athletes
  • May feel uncomfortable, especially when the patient first starts wearing eyeglasses
  • Some patients feel glasses make them look less attractive
  • Offer poor peripheral vision

Contact Lenses

  • Can irritate the eyes
  • Require regular purchase
  • Can tear when placing or removing the lenses
  • Must be put in place each morning and removed at night
  • Are not ideal for athletes, especially swimmers and those involved in contact sports
  • Can increase the risk of eye infection, especially when the hands are not thoroughly cleaned before touching the eyes
  • May increase the patient’s use of eye drops


  • May result in complications
  • Vision may be over or under corrected
  • Results in some unpleasant side effects after surgery, including dry eye, glare, and halos; these typically fade within a few weeks
  • Higher initial cost
  • More invasive treatment

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